Tech talk highlights 2016

Flexible Systems The Power of Generic Operations - Gerald Jay Sussman

The Journey of Android Engineers: Redux-ing UI Bugs - Christina Lee

JavaScript Combinators the “Six” Edition - Reginald Braithwaite

Firing People - Zach Holman

Debugging Ember With Empathy - Vaidehi Joshi

8 Bit & ‘8 Bitish’ Graphics - Mark Ferrari

Jepsen V: What Even Are Computers - Kyle Kingsbury

Parsing Text with a Virtual Machine - Ghadi Shayban

Robots, code and people - Kas Perch

Modern Compiler Construction - Anders Hejlsberg

Angular Material: Titanium Octopus - Kara Erickson, Jeremy Elbourn

RSpec and Rails 5 - Justin Searls

Canvas for iOS Markdown & Realtime Demo - Sam Soffes

Elixir Is Neat But What Can You Actually Do With It? - Rob Conery

HTTP/2, Totally Tooling Tips - Google Chrome Developers

Adventures in Parametric Polymorphism - Brian Goetz

Instant Loading: Building offline-first Progressive Web Apps - Jake Archibald

How to deal with Culture divide: advocacy within distrubuted teams - Laura Czajkowski

What is a container, really? Let’s write one in Go from scratch - Liz Rice

Modern Agile - Joshua Kerievsky

Where the Wild Things Are - Johnny Winn

The Next Five Years of ClojureScript - David Nolen

Component Based Style Reuse - Pete Hunt

Turbolinks 5: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Native! - Sam Stephenson

Kotlin in Production - Christina Lee

A Journey Through MV Wonderland - Florina Muntenescu

Engineer/Artist - Jenn Schiffer

Proto REPL, a New Clojure Development and Visualization Tool - Jason Gilman