Tech talk highlights 2021

Svelte Can Compile and so can you! - Miguel Camba

Stockholm Syndrome Escape Velocity - Kit Langton

Rebuilding Twitter’s Public API - Steve Consenza

Rendering game worlds in text - Filip Hráček

The Hype and the Hope of Microservices - John A. De Goes

Datasette and Dogsheep: Liberating your personal data - Simon Willson

ClojureScript in the Age of TypeScript — David Nolen

Journey to the Centre of the JVM — Daniel Spiewak

Simple, Fast Frontends With htmx - Carson Gross

A Tour of the Modern Java Platform - Bruce Eckel/James Ward

How we used serverless to speed up our servers - Jessica Kerr/Ian Wilkes

Nim Nuggets: Systems Programming & Metaprogramming Magic - Aditya Siram

Functional distributed systems beyond request/response - Melinda Lu

Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? - Rich Harris