Tech talk highlights 2018

Containers aka crazy user space fun Jess Frazelle

In The Loop Jake Archibald

Please don’t mock me Justin Searls

ElixirDaze 2018 Keynote Rob Conery

Go best practices Brian Ketelsen as Ashley McNamara

Beyond single-page apps: alternative architectures for your PWA Jeff Posnick

A Tale Of Two Flat Maps Pointfree

10 Things I Regret About Node.js Ryan Dahl

The Code-Free Developer Interview Pete Holiday

JavaScriptures - Babel and Webpack Artsy Open Source

The Container Operator’s Manual Alice Goldfuss

A History of Errors & a Future of Solutions Sarah Groff Hennigh Palermo

Pants and Monorepos Dorothy Ordogh

A CRDT Primer: Defanging Order Theory John Mumm

Joel on Software Joel Spolsky

Building domain-specific languages with Kotlin Konstantin Otte

Hot Garbage Clean Code is Dead Michael Chan

So you want to be a wizard? Julia Evans

DevFestMN 2018 talk Effective Remote Teamwork

Embracing Simpler Tools David Nolen

Reactive Relational Database Connectivity Ben Hale

The Future of Java SE Sharat Chander

Why ClojureScript? Lily M. Goh

Out of Office: The future of work is anywhere Jenny Shen

A developer’s guide to probabilistic programming Evelina Gabasova

Building Beautiful Websites with Gatsby Kyle Mathews

Deep dive into networking for Unity’s FPS Sample game Peter Andreasen

Do you read me? — Better communication for stronger teams Lena Reinhard

Being Glue Tanya Reilly