Tech talk highlights 2017

Zen and the Art of Package Management Yehuda Katz

Untangled – Thinking about the Graph Database, Views, and Loading Tony Kay

Breaking Conventions with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hidemaro Fujibayashi

Distributed Programming in Argus Caitie McCaffrey

Your Perfect Tech Talk Saron Yitbarek

The hidden nature of data Martin Kühl

A Cartoon Intro to Fiber Lin Clark

The Dos and Donts of Game Development Workplace Design 2015 Demetri Detsaridis

Jepsen 7: Anna Concurrenina Kyle Kingsbury

Just-Right Consistency: Closing The CAP Gap Christopher Meiklejohn

Life is Great and Everything Will Be Ok, Kotlin is Here Christina Lee & Jake Wharton

JavaScript engines: how do they even? Franziska Hinkelmann

Evolution of a Web Application Raquel Vélez

A Clear-Eyed Look at Distributed Teams Glenn Vanderburg & Maria Gutierrez

ChefConf 2017 Keynote Kelsey Hightower

Building and Scaling a Distributed and Inclusive Team Mathias Meyer

Cargo Cult Agile Émilie Esposito

GopherCon 2017:Understanding Channels Kavya Joshi

Contributing to the Go project Francesc Campoy

Conquering Elm boilerplate Jessica Kerr

CQRS + REST Matt Bishop

Jest, JSS, React + Web Standards Various

My Life as a Tech Transfer Monad Erik Meijer

Efficient, Expressive, and Extensible HTML Templates Justin Fagnani-Bell

Documenting RESTful APIs with Spring REST Docs Jenn Strater