Tech talk highlights 2015

We Will All Be Game Programmers - Hunter Loftis

Functional Programming You Already Know - Kevlin Henney

What if the user was a function? - Andre Staltz

Clojure Made Simple - Rich Hickey

Securing Web APIs – Patterns & Anti-Patterns - Dominick Baier

Learning Client Hypermedia from the Ground Up - Mike Amundsen

JVMLS 2015 - Multi-Language Runtime - Mark Stoodley

Clojure Conj 2015 - Om Next - David Nolen

Developing ClojureScript With Figwheel - Bruce Hauman

Inline Styles are About to Kill CSS - Colin Megill

You Suck at Excel - Joel Spolsky

Supercharging page load - Jake Archibald

Performance and Lies - - Tom Crayford

Kolmogorov music - Christopher Ford

Styling Forms Semantically & Accessibly - Amanda Cheung

Tackling Large Ruby Refactorings with Confidence - Jesse Toth

Propositions as Types - Philip Wadler

One Hacker Way - Eric Meijer

ClojureScript for Skeptics - Derek Slager

Programming Considered Harmful - Dave Chinner

Hello Om Next! - David Nolen

The Better Parts - Douglas Crockford

React.js Conf 2015 - Immutable Data and React - Lee Byron

The Website Obesity Crisis - Maciej Ceglowski

Advanced front-end automation with npm scripts - Kate Hudson

Cheating Gall’s Law - C J Silverio