Tech talk highlights 2019

Lets LISP like it’s 1959 Kristoffer Gronlund

Index of refraction Weird Trick Mafia

JSON Explained Jesse Wilson

We Love Polyhedra! And So Should You! Nat Alison

Remote-first teams work better Nassim Kammah

Rethinking reactivity Rich Harris

Preventing the Collapse of Civilization Jonathan Blow

Could Microsoft Teams be the end of Slack? Scott Galloway

Building Web Apps With Svelte Mark Volkmann

12 Steps To Better Scala John De Goes

How I set up all my #SBT projects Vladyslav Pekker

Talk Session: Domain Modeling Made Functional Scott Wlaschin

Seeing Arrows Below the Code Narek Asadorian

Becoming a team, one pixel at a time Lena Reinhard

KotlinConf 2019: Compose Yourself: Designing a Kotlin First UI Toolkit Anna-Chiara & Clara Bayarri