Tech talk highlights 2020

CRDTs for Mortals James Long

Flying Futures in the same sky can make the moon sun at midnight Wiem Zine Elabidine

Functional Scala - Test Effects: First Class Adam Fraser

Organic Towns From Square Tiles Oskar Stålberg

Kotlin Flows and Channels for Android Ryan Pierce

Engineering Leadership Summit Juan Pablo Buriticá

CRDTs: The Hard Parts Martin Kleppmann

When Databases Lied Jaana Dogan

GraphQL, gRPC or REST? Resolving the API Developer’s Dilemma Rob Crowley

October 2020 Online Kotlin Meetup Kotlin 1.4 Special

Futuristic Web Development Rich Harris

How to build a cat-themed streaming service with Svelte Annie Taylor Chen

Kelsey, Kubernetes, and GitOps Kelsey Hightower

Observability: superpowers for developers Christine Yen

HTML Over the Wire Basecamp

Fidget: Let’s rethink UI development with Nim Andre von Houck