Remote First

What is a Remote First culture?

It improves the working practices for employees taking into consideration that time and location should not be a barrier to productivity.

Companies that adopt remote first working practices are going to be way ahead in how their brand is ultimately perceived, i.e the opposite of Yahoo, and that is favourably by potential employees who now want to be employed there.

Environment Drives Culture; Culture Drives Brand

Company management, ones with pointy hair, may only see benefits to adopting a remote first culture when an external positive response causes the Company share price to increase rather than it simply makes employees happy/motivated.

What communication problems can be improved when the first assumption is that teams are not co-located?

Remote First adoption by companies means that the weaknesses below are exposed and can be acted on for the benefit of all employees.

Be intentional

As discussed, how do you compete for hires?

If you are Apple you can compete by building a big space ship.

A Global Superpower is defined by having an aircraft carrier - a tech superpower has a corporate spaceship campus.

If the perception of your company is still taken from the inertia when it first put Radio on the Internet in 1999, then Remote First offers a methodology and a brand to make it relevant instead of adding ephemeral benefits like ping pong, catered lunches.

Initially, Teams can adopt practices faster than the whole company. Start there.