Facebook Open-plan for thousands

According to Internet reports, Facebook have created a single working space that fits thousands of employees, code named mpk20, designed by the architect shop Frank Gehry LLC.

Their goal was to create the perfect engineering space for teams to work together.

For some this will be Utopia or pig heaven, other employees will need to be augmented with a pair of ear-cans and only wish they had read PeopleWare instead.

But now that Facebook have planted a stake in the ground - such an extreme position opens up a spectrum of commercial advantage for other “hacker” shops to differentiate themselves in the same market for these employees, and a tool to poach from Facebook.

Environment drives Culture; Culture drives Brand


News - “They would pass no private office or cubicle, but could circle a glass-partitioned space at the very center of the floor where you might find Zuckerberg”.

Frank Gehry - “This is it,” architect Frank Gehry said in his new office, surrounded by art books, a plywood desk and his signature cardboard chairs. “I’m 74, and I don’t want to move again. I’m in pig heaven.”


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