Spacemacs OSX terminal powerline font

If you are using Spacemacs from terminal or iterm, the powerline fonts need to be installed and configured.

Here is an overview of the steps.

Spacemacs lives in the .emacs.d folder in the home directory and can be installed and updated using git.


Spacemacs instructions are here

Any existing ~/.emacs.d folder needs to be removed or moved aside.

git clone --single-branch ~/.emacs.d

The OSX installed version of emacs (22.x.x) could be out of date (needs at least 24.x.x) for Spacesmacs.

emacs --version
GNU Emacs 24.5.1

You can move or remove the /usr/bin/emacs and /usr/share/emacs directories.

Use Homebrew to install any newer emacs versions

Your terminal emacs binary should only be on the shell path below

/usr/local/bin/emacs@ -> ../Cellar/emacs-mac/emacs-24.5-z-mac-5.9/bin/emacs

Setting Terminal and iTerm fonts for powerline

Powerline Fonts

Install into OSX font library and update font cache

git clone --single-branch


iTerm has two font settings - configure the non-ascii font with a powerline font e.g “sauce code”




Terminal has one font setting - configure with a powerline version font e.g “sauce code”