Remote First Culture

Remote First is a transformational culture that assumes communication will never be completely synchronous.

It makes the assumption that team members cannot all be desk-bound and in proximity even with the benefits of poly skilled co-located project teams.

When the amount of people communicating exceeds the limits of being in synchronous contact, even when people are located on the same floor of a building, then some sort of distributed communication is happening and paying the micro-service premium.

Remote First is a way to describe intentionally how people work when they are near each other, across floors, other locations or at home.

Imagine a new client/customer is launching; emails sent, login access released - action stations. Anyone with a vested interest or need to know should be available on demand - project managers, client managers, infrastructure folks to monitor performance.

Even for a morning or a few hours all participants should be able to access “#hashtag” client through some chat-channel. Email should be discouraged.

This should be familiar to people who keep updated on social media, use their mobile apps for chat. With gamers; how can random players co-operate in a game so successfully and play together? Chat, headsets, screen-in-screen video.

The assumption is that no-one is co-located or has to be completely synchronous to be able to participate.

There should be no advantage or need to being in a central office.

Environment Drives Culture - Culture Drives Brand.